Thursday November 2, 2017

4:30 p.m.

OHSAA Offices


Present:  Chris Cores, Eric Heitkamp, Mike Gardner, Dianne McCall, Tom Rider, Natalie Schie, Kevin Smith, Joe Matheny, Casey Milligan, Joel Glassburn, Rob Griffith, Jeff Combs, Ken Youngman, Lauren Prochaska, Jerry Snodgrass, Ken Campanizzi


Meeting brought to a start by President Chris Cores mentioning that the current web site needs some all-important updates, including the Board Members page.

·   A printed version of the current page of the Board Members tab from www.ohsgca.org was passed around, and corrections and deletions were made.

o Updates will be available on our web site very soon

New President Chris Cores introduces himself, and gave some background on his career as a golf coach. At this time, other coaches and officials in the room also introduced themselves.


B.  TREASURER’S REPORT (Casey Milligan)

Casey Milligan, Treasurer reported that we are in “very good shape” financially, with just over $32,000 in the account, with some outstanding bills to be paid. He indicated those were basically tournament expenses.

·   Reiterated that we are in solid and sound condition

·   Casey requested sizes for pullovers for Board Members, mentioning that it has been 10-12 years since board members have had a nice pullover to wear.

·   Lunch this year was upgraded to Olive Garden

o This was only $100 more than the pizza that had been done in the past

o This lunch was also provided to the staff of the OHSAA.

·   Chris Cores will need to get his name on the bank account

o Casey and Chris will set aside a time where they both can do this by meeting at the bank.

·   Noted that rules officials were paid for by the OHSAA.

C.  State Tournament Review

·   Chris mentioned that NorthStar was fantastic, and that the weather for both weekends was historical for Ohio State Golf Championships, and it was evident as the scores were at all-time lows and it allowed the participants to showcase their abilities.

·   Jerry Snodgrass (Golf Representative, OHSAA) mentioned some changes were made this year at the tournament

·   The need to bring USGA officials in for the Rules was a necessity, but felt like we did a nice job of blending the new procedure into the tournament.

·   This added a tremendous expense to running the tournament, but that was the price of doing business.

·   Hotels are paid for by the working USGA officials for the two days they worked.

·   Also purchased radios for communication

·   Asked that any radios not returned, please be returned.

·   Looking ahead

·   Scarlet is having a difficult time closing the golf course on two weekends in October

·   Noted that OSU Football was out of town

·   Currently under one more year of the current contract.

·   Would we consider looking at alternative dates?

·   e.g. Wednesday/Thursday/Friday

·   Live Scoring

·   Would like to see this done next year with at least one division

·   Looking at a program such as BirdieFire to do this.


Ken Mentioned that he will be stepping down from his role with the OHSAA State Tournament.  He was thanked for his time and service by the board members.

He went on to mention that the Pace of Play, especially for the girls DI on Saturday was excellent.


Casey mentioned the pace of play was charted by the USGA. This copy was available and was passed around the meeting.

·       Only 3 groups of the 48 were over 5 hours.

·       Last group came in at 5:20 on Saturday

o   Mentioned that typically the individual groups will play much slower

·       Most of the groups were charted between 4:30 and 4:50.

o   Overall the pace of play this weekend was very good.


Jeff Mentioned that live scoring would be a welcomed addition

Congratulated all involved in helping make the state tournament a great event.

Mentioned the importance of keeping it at Ohio State University, and the prestige that comes with such an event.

Commented that the USGA officials were a great idea.


Spent a few minutes to recognize and congratulate those coaches sitting on the board that had teams or individuals that participated in the State Tournament.